Which Came First Voltage Or Current?

Batteries produce a voltage that drives an electric current. Generators at dams drive a current that produces a voltage. Which comes first? This is like asking yourself the well known question about the chicken and egg. Voltage, currents and conductors all work together. If there is a voltage applied across a conductor, electric current flows. If you have an electric current flowing through a conductor, there will be voltage across the conductor. Bottom line: Don’t worry about which comes first.

What is Simple Choice AC Or DC?

What difference does it make to you if you use alternating or direct current? A lot of difference! AC costs less to generate and send over transmission lines than DC. That’s why you use AC for many household electricity needs, such as powering light bulbs and heaters.

However, DC is simpler to use for the projects and many other electronics applications. It’s just plain harder to control AC current because you don’t know which way it’s headed at any point in time. It’s the difference between controlling traffic on a two-way, six-lane highway, and controlling traffic on a one-lane, one-way street. Most of the circuits use direct current.