TRIGger Commands for DS1000B Series Digital Oscilloscope

Trigger system makes the meaningful waveform shown steadily. Trigger determines when the oscilloscope starts to acquire data and to display a waveform. When trigger is set up properly, it can convert unstable displays into meaningful waveforms.

When the oscilloscope starts to acquire data, firstly enough data are needed to be collected so as to shape into a waveform on the left of the trigger point. The oscilloscope continues acquiring data while waiting for the trigger condition to occur.

After it detects a trigger, the oscilloscope continues to acquire enough data so that it can display the waveform on the right of the trigger point.

Trigger Mode includes: Trigger Control, Edge, Pulse, Video, Pattern and Alternation trigger commands. Each Command include:

Trigger Control Commands


EDGE Command


PULSe Commands


VIDEO Commands


PATTern Commands


ALTernation Commands


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