Computers and the Internet

Chapter Computers and the Internet

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Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics Third Edition Book

  • 62433CHAPTERComputers andthe InternetDURING THE 1980S, PERSONAL COMPUTING BOOMED INTO A HOBBY. BY THEmid-1990s, these machines, which had been esoteric to most people only a generationbefore, were common electronic appliances in households, businesses, and governmentagencies at all levels. Computers are used for communications, word processing, dataprocessing, arithmetic and mathematical calculations, drawing, photo processing, mu-sic composition, radio location, radio navigation, information searches, robot control,and many other purposes.There are two major “lines” of personal and small-business computers: IBM (Inter-national Business Machines) -compatible and Macintosh (often called “the Mac”).There are a few other, less-well-known systems. Regardless of the “line,” however, allcomputers have similar components. Figure 33-1 is a block diagram showing the majorparts of a typical small computer system, such as the kind you might buy for personalor small-business use.The microprocessor and CPUThe microprocessor is the integrated circuit (IC), or chip, that forms the core ofyour computer’s “brain.” It coordinates all the action and does all the calculations. Itis located on the motherboard, or main circuit board, of the main unit. This board issometimes called the logic board.Basic componentsThe microprocessor, together with various other circuits, comprise the central pro-cessing unit (CPU) of a computer. Auxiliary circuits can be integrated onto theCopyright © 2002, 1997, 1993 by The McGraw-Hill Companies. Click here for terms of use.