SYSTem Commands for DS1000B Series Digital Oscilloscope

DS1000B Series Digital Oscilloscope covers following oscilloscopes:

  • DS1204B | 200 MHz Digital Oscilloscope
  • DS1104B | 100 MHz Digital Oscilloscope
  • DS1074B | 70 MHz Digital Oscilloscope

SYSTem Commands are used for the basic operations of an oscilloscope: RUN/STOP control, operation of the error queue and system setup data.

SYSTem Commands include:

  1. :RUN
  2. :STOP
  3. :AUTO
  4. :SYSTem:ERRor
  5. :SYSTem:SETup

Detailed introductions for each command are the following.


Command Format:
Execute this command; the oscilloscope will start waveform sampling working. To stop working, execute
:STOP command again.


Command Format:
Execute this command; the oscilloscope will stop waveform sampling working. To restart working, execute
:RUN command again.


Command Format:
The command makes the oscilloscope tests all input waveforms and set the waveforms automatically to get the optimum conditions to display.


Command Format:
The command clears the queue of error information.
Returned Format:
The query returns the last error such as “Undefined header”. If there is no error, return “0, No error”.


Command Format:
:SYSTem:SETup <setup_data>
The command downloads the system setup data. <setup data> is a binary data that meets IEEE 488.2 # format.
Returned Format:
The query returns the value of system setup data.

System Error Codes (67)

Error Code Mnemonic Symbol Error Description
0 ERR_NONE No error
1 ERR_SAME_SETTING Same setting
2 ERR_INVALID_INPUT Invalid input
3 ERR_LIMIT_SETTING Setting limit
4 ERR_CH_OFFSET_LIMIT Channel offset limit
5 ERR_CH_SCALE_LIMIT Channel scale limit
6 ERR_CH_PROBE_LIMIT Channel probe limit
7 ERR_CH_FILTER_LIMIT Channel filter limit
8 ERR_TIME_OFFSET_LIMIT Timebase offset limit
9 ERR_TIME_SCALE_LIMIT Timebase scale limit
10 ERR_TIME_DELAYED_OFFSET_LIMIT Timebase of timedelay offset limit
11 ERR_TIME_DELAYED_SCALE_LIMIT Timebase of timedelay scale limit
12 ERR_TRIG_LEVEL_LIMIT Trigger level limit
13 ERR_MATH_VERT_OFFSET_LIMIT Math vertical offset limit
14 ERR_MATH_VERT_SCALE_LIMIT Math vertical scale limit
15 ERR_FFT_VERT_SCALE_LIMIT FFT vertical offset limit
16 ERR_FFT_VERT_OFFSET_LIMIT FFT vertical offset limit
17 ERR_FFT_HORIZ_SCALE_LIMIT FFT horizontal scale limit
18 ERR_FFT_HORIZ_OFFSET_LIMIT FFT horizontal offset limit
19 ERR_CUR_A_X_LIMIT CursorA X-Axial limit
20 ERR_CUR_B_X_LIMIT CursorB X-Axial limit
21 ERR_CUR_A_Y_LIMIT CursorA Y-Axial limit
22 ERR_CUR_B_Y_LIMIT CursorB Y-Axial limit
23 ERR_HOLDOFF_TIME_LIMIT Holdoff time limit
24 ERR_INTENSITY_LIMIT Intensity limit
25 ERR_PULSE_WIDTH_LIMIT Pulse width limit
26 ERR_VIDEO_LINE_LIMIT Video line limit
27 ERR_REC_INTERVAL_LIMIT Record interval limit
28 ERR_REC_END_FRAME_LIMIT Record end frame limit
29 ERR_PLAY_INTERVAL_LIMIT Play interval limit
30 ERR_PLAY_START_FRAME_LIMIT Play start frame limit
31 ERR_PLAY_CUR_FRAME_LIMIT Play current frame limit
32 ERR_PLAY_END_FRAME_LIMIT Play end frame limit
33 ERR_STOARAGE_START_FRAME_LIMIT Storage start frame limit
34 ERR_STOARGE_END_FRAME_LIMIT Storage end frame limit
35 ERR_REF_VERT_OFFSET_LIMIT Ref vertical offset limit
36 ERR_REF_VERT_SCALE_LIMIT Ref vertical scale limit
37 ERR_PF_MASK_LIMIT Passfail mask limit
38 ERR_SAMPLING_RATE_LIMIT Sampling rate limit
39 ERR_GRID_INTENSITY_LIMIT Grid intensity limit
40 ERR_TRIG_SENSITIVITY_LIMIT Trigger sensitivity limit
41 ERR_TRIG_SLOPE_TIME_LIMIT Trigger slop time limit
42 ERR_MEM_DEPTH_LIMIT Memory depth limit
43 ERR_FUNCTION_NOT_AVAILABLE Function not available
44 ERR_LOCATION_EMPTY Location empty
45 ERR_MEAS_ALREADY_SELECTED Measure already selected
46 ERR_NO_SIGNAL_FOUND No signal found
47 ERR_WAVEFORM_RECORD_FINISHED Waveform record finished
48 ERR_FILE_UTILITY_FAIL File utility fail
49 ERR_CHANNEL_INVALID Channel invalid
50 ERR_AUTO_KEY_LIMITED Auto key limited
51 ERR_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY Not enough memory
52 ERR_WAVE_SAVE_FAILED Waveform save failed
53 ERR_WAVE_LOAD_FAILED Waveform load failed
54 ERR_FILE_IS_COVERED File is covered
55 ERR_FILTER_IS_CLOSED Filter is closed
56 ERR_WAVE_TYPE_NONE No signal detected
57 ERR_WAVE_TYPE_DC DC signal detected
58 ERR_WAVE_TYPE_SINE Sine signal detected
59 ERR_WAVE_TYPE_RAMP Triangle signal detected
60 ERR_WAVE_TYPE_RECT Square signal detected
61 ERR_WAVE_TYPE_UNKNOWN Unknown signal detected
62 CMD_ERR Error header
63 CMD_NOT_PARSE Undefined header
64 ERR_PF_OUTPUT PassFail Out
65 ERR_MISSING_HW Missing Hardware
66 ERR_OUT_OF_RANGE Out of range
67 ERR_CANNOT_EXECURE Can’t execute

All programming commands describe inCommand Systems for DS1000B Series Digital Oscilloscope