Signal Generator 3GHz | DSG830

RF Signal Generator is the Test Instrument. DSG830 3GHz RF Signal Generator covers output frequencies from 9 kHz to 3GHz. The instruments provide maximum output power up to +20 dBm. RF applications from design to debug the DSG830 series provide uncompromised RF signal generation capabilities at an unprecedented value. DSG830 Signal Generator is ideal for RF and wireless equipment testing.DSG815 | 1.5GHz RF Signal Generator

DSG830 Feature

  • 9 kHz to 3 GHz
  • Optional Pulse Train and Internal Pulse modulation / Pulse Generator options
  • USB & LAN interfaces standard. Supports LXI-C and SCPI command set
  • AM/FM/ØM modulation standard

DSG830 Specification

Parameter Description
Model DSG830
Max. Frequency 3 GHz
Phase Noise (typical) <-105dBc/Hz@20kHz
Amplitude Accuracy
+13 dBm to -60 dBm (typical)
Connectivity LXI-C, USB
Modulation AM, FM, Phase (std.), Pulse (opt.)
Pulse Train Generator Optional
High Stability Clock Optional

Software Applications