Safety Information

Batteries and Rechargeable Batteries / Cells Safety Precaution

If the precaution regarding batteries and rechargeable batteries/cells is not observed either at all or to the extent necessary, product users may be exposed to the risk of explosions, fire and serious personal injury and in some cases death. Batteries and rechargeable batteries with alkaline electrolytes (lithium cells) must be handled in accordance with the […]

Operational Safety Precaution

Operating the products requires special training and intense concentration. Make sure that persons who use the products are physically; mentally and emotionally fit enough to do so; if not, injuries or material damage may occur. It is the responsibility of the employer/operator to select suitable personnel for operating the products. Before you move or transport […]

Electrical Safety Precaution

Electrical safety Precaution is very important for electric equipment as well as for operator. If the information on electrical safety is not observed either at all to the extent necessary, electric shock, fire and serious personal injury or death may occur. Prior to switching on the product, always ensure that the nominal voltage setting on […]

Tips To Reducing Static Electricity | Electrostatic Charge

Tips To Reducing Static Electricity | Electrostatic Discharge

You can bet that most of the electronic projects you want to build contain at least some components that are susceptible to damage from electrostatic discharge. You can take a number of simple steps to prevent exposing your projects to the dangers of electrostatic discharge: Use An Anti-Static Mat An anti-static mat acts to reduce […]

Multimeter Safety Precautions | Electrical Safety

Multimeter Safety Precautions | Electrical Safety

Most tests using a multimeter involve low voltage and resistance, both of which can’t hurt you much. But sometimes you may need to test high voltages, such as the input to an AC-operated power supply. In a case such as this, careless use of the multimeter can cause serious bodily harm. Even when you’re not […]

power symbol for RF Technician

Safety Information For User’s Attention

There are some special information’s for the user’s attention. These symbols provide operational & maintenance information and additional instructions of which the technician / user should be aware, and take the appropriate action on any abnormal occurrence. This is instruction documentation symbol. This symbol is marked on the products / equipments. This symbol indicate “It […]