8.6 Time-to-Digital Conversion

Chapter 8.6 Time-to-Digital Conversion

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Physics Lecture Notes – Phys 395 Electronics Book

  • CHAPTER 8. DATA ACQUISITION AND PROCESS CONTROL163AS/HDACAADCDIGITALPROCESSORCONTROLLOGICANALOGINANALOGOUTFigure 8.4: A generalized hybrid and digital circuit by which input analog data can betransmitted, stored, delayed, or otherwise processed as a digital number before re-conversionback to an analog output.of time and this characteristic can be used to connect the analog input voltage to the timeas determined by a digital counter.8.6Time-to-Digital ConversionIt is possible to digitize relatively long time intervals by incrementing a counter with arepetitive signal derived from an oscillator.For short time intervals the time-to-digitalconverter (TDC) circuit shown in figure 8.8 can be used.The resulting voltage on the capacitor is proportional to the time between the START andSTOP pulses as shown in figure 8.9.