5.10 Multiple Transistor Circuits

Chapter 5.10 Multiple Transistor Circuits

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Physics Lecture Notes – Phys 395 Electronics Book

  • CHAPTER 5. TRANSISTOR CIRCUITS101GDSNNNPUGDSUNNNPGDUSDUSGa)b)Figure 5.19: a) Depletion or depletion-enhancement type MOSFET and b) enhancementtype MOSFET.thus available for conduction effectively limits the power-handling capability of MOSFETdevices to less than 1 W. More recently, new designs and manufacturing techniques havebeen developed to produce a more complicated, three-dimensional gate structure. Thesetransistors are identified by various manufactures as HEXFET, VMOS, or DMOS, depend-ing on the geometry of the gate structure: respectively hexagonal, V-shaped, or D-shaped.They feature power dissipations exceeding 100 W and excellent high-frequency operation.In contrast to the normal MOSFET, these devices have a much larger forward transconduc-tance. These devices thus feature very high current gain at both high frequency and highpower, a combination that is hard to obtain with traditional bipolar power transistors.5.10Multiple Transistor CircuitsIntegrated circuit technology has largely eliminated the need to fabricate multiple transistorcircuits from discrete transistors.