N2780A Series AC/DC Current Probes

• Various bandwidths: DC to 2 MHz, 10 MHz, 50 MHz and 100 MHz
• Superior 1% accuracy, flat frequency response and high signal-to-noise ratio
• Direct connection to high-impedance 1 MΩ BNC input of oscilloscopeN2780A Series AC/DC Current Probes

Compatible with any oscilloscope with a high-impedance BNC input, the new N2780A Series current probes offer accurate and reliable solution for measuring DC and AC currents.
Using hybrid technology that includes a Hall-effect sensor and an AC current transformer, the probes provide accurate measurement of DC or AC currents up to 500 Arms (for model N2780A) or DC –100 MHz (for model N2783A), without breaking into the circuit.
The current probes feature broad measurement ranges that make the probes ideal for measuring steady state or transient current of motor drives, switching power supplies, and flat-panel displays.
External power supply (model N2779A) lets you connect up to three N2780A Series current probes to a single power supply.