MATH Commands for DS1000B Series Digital Oscilloscope

DS1000B Series Digital Oscilloscope covers following oscilloscopes:

  • DS1204B | 200 MHz Digital Oscilloscope
  • DS1104B | 100 MHz Digital Oscilloscope

MATH Commands

MATH Commands are used to display the result of adding, subtracting, multiplying and FFT operation for the signals from CH1, CH2, CH3 and CH4. The results can be measured by the grid and the cursor. MATH Commands include:


Command Format:
:MATH:DISPlay {{1|ON}|{0|OFF}}
The command sets Math waveform on or off.
Returned Format:
The query returns 1 or 0, respectively indicates ON or OFF.
:MATH:DISP ON                  Set Math waveform on.
:MATH:DISP?                      Return 1.

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