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Make Electronics Book Learning by Discovery
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Make Electronics Book Learning by Discovery

  • What Next?233Reference SourcesReference SourcesOnlineMy favorite educational and reference site is Doctronics actionURI( I like the way they draw their schematics, and I like the way they include many illustrations of circuits on breadboards (which most sites don’t bother to do). They also sell kits, if you’re willing to pay and wait for shipping from the UK. Part of a page from the doctronics website is reproduced in Figure 5-8.Figure 5-8. A sample page from shows their detailed instruc-tional approach. This is a valuable free online resource.My next favorite hobby site is also British-based: the Electronics Club actionURI( It’s not as comprehensive as Doctronics, but very friendly and easy to understand.For a more theory-based approach, tractionURI( This will go a little farther than the theory sections I’ve included here.For an idiosyncratic selection of electronics topics, try Don Lancaster’s Guru’s Lair (actionURI( Lancaster wrote The TTL Cookbook more than 30 years ago, which opened up electronics to at least two generations of hob-byists and experimenters. He knows what he’s talking about, and isn’t afraid of getting into some fairly ambitious areas such as writing his own PostScript drivers and creating his own serial-port connections. You’ll find a lot of ideas there.