Shopping List: Experiments 25 Through 36.

Chapter Shopping List: Experiments 25 Through 36.

Make Electronics Book Learning by Discovery
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Make Electronics Book Learning by Discovery

  • Shopping List: Experiments 25 Through 36Chapter 5228Shopping List: Experiments 25 Through 36ToolsYou won’t need any new tools for this section of the book.SuppliesandComponentsAs we have progressed to the point where you may want to pick and choose which projects you attempt, I will list the supplies and components at the be-ginning of each experiment. Customizing Your Work AreaAt this point, if you’re getting hooked on the fun of creating hardware but haven’t allocated a permanent corner to your new hobby, I have some sug-gestions. Having tried many different options over the years, my main piece of advice is this: don’t build a workbench!Many hobby electronics books want you to go shopping for 2×4s and ply-wood, as if a workbench has to be custom-fabricated to satisfy strict criteria about size and shape. I find this puzzling. To me, the exact size and shape of a bench is not very important. I think the most important issue is storage. I want tools and parts to be easily accessible, whether they’re tiny transistors or big spools of wire. I certainly don’t want to go digging around on shelves that require me to get up and walk across the room.Figure 5-1. The ideal work area: surrounded by storage. Never again will you need to get out of your chair!