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Chapter 5. What Next?

Make Electronics Book Learning by Discovery
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Make Electronics Book Learning by Discovery

  • 5227What Next?At this point, we can branch out in numerous directions. Here are some possibilities:Audio electronicsThis is a field in itself, including hobby projects, such as simple amplifiers and “stomp boxes,” to modify guitar sound.Radio-frequency devicesAnything that receives or transmits radio waves, from an ultra-simple AM radio to remote controllers.MotorsThe field of robotics has encouraged the growth of many online sites sell-ing stepper motors, gear motors, synchronous motors, servo motors, and more.Programmable microcontrollersThese are tiny computers on a single chip. You write a little program on your desktop computer, which will tell the chip to follow a series of pro-cedures, such as receiving input from a sensor, waiting for a fixed period, and sending output to a motor. Then you download your program onto the chip, which stores it in nonvolatile memory. Popular controllers in-clude the PICAXE, BASIC Stamp, Arduino, and many more. The cheapest ones retail for a mere $5 each.Obviously, I don’t have space to develop all of these topics fully, so what I’m going to do is introduce you to them by describing just one or two projects in each category. You can decide which interests you the most, and then proceed beyond this book by reading other guides that specialize in that interest.I’m also going to make some suggestions about setting up a productive work area, reading relevant books, catalogs, and other printed sources, and gener-ally proceeding further into hobby electronics.In thIs chAPter 243,Shopping List: Experiments 25 243,Through 36 243,Customizing Your Work Are 243,a 248,Reference Sources 251,Experiment 25: Magnetism 254,Experiment 26: Tabletop 254,Power Generation 257,Experiment 27: Loudspeak 257,er Destruction 261,Experiment 28: Making a 261,Coil React 264,Experiment 29: Filtering F 264,requencies 272,Experiment 30: Fuzz 277,Experiment 31: One Radio 277,, 277, No Solder, 277, 277,No Power 283,Experiment 32: A 283, Little Robot 283,Cart 299,Experiment 33: Moving in Steps 308,Experiment 34: Hardware 308,Meets Software 321,Experiment 35: Checking 321,the Real World 326,Experiment 36: The Lock, 326, Revisited 332,In Closing