Experiencing Electricity

Chapter 1. Experiencing Electricity

Make Electronics Book Learning by Discovery
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Make Electronics Book Learning by Discovery

  • 11Experiencing ElectricityI want you to get a taste for electricity—literally!—in the first experiment. This first chapter of the book will show you: • How to understand and measure electricity and resistance• How to handle and connect components without overloading, damaging, or destroying themEven if you have some prior knowledge of electronics, you should try these experiments before you venture on to the rest of the book. Shopping List: Experiments 1 Through 5 If you want to limit your number of shopping trips or online purchases, look ahead in the book for additional shopping lists, and combine them to make one bulk purchase. In this first chapter, I will give you part numbers and sources for every tool and component that we’ll be using. Subsequently, I won’t expect you to need such specific information, because you will have gained experience searching for items on your own. ToolsSmall pliers RadioShack Kronus 4.5-inch, part number 64-2953 or Xcelite 4-inch mini long-nose pliers, model L4G. Or similar. See Figures 1-1 through 1-3. Look for these tools in hardware stores and the sources listed in the preface. The brand is unimportant. After you use them for a while, you’ll develop your own preferences. In particular, you have to decide whether you like spring-loaded handles. If you decide you don’t, you’ll need a second pair of pliers to pull the springs out of the first. Maker Shed actionURI(http://www.makershed.com):(www.makershed.com) has put together a series of Make: Electronics companion kits. These in-clude all of the tools and components used in book’s experiments. This is a quick, simple, and cost-effective way of getting everything you need to complete the projects in this book.In thIs chAPter 16,Shopping List: Experiments 16,1 Through 5 19,Experiment 1: Taste the P 19,ower! 24,Experiment 2: Let’s Abuse 24,a Battery! 29,Experiment 3: Your Firs 29,t Circuit 32,Experiment 4: Varying the 32,Voltage 44,Experiment 5: Let’s Mak 44,e a Battery