Getting Somewhat More Serious

Chapter 3. Getting Somewhat More Serious

Make Electronics Book Learning by Discovery
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Make Electronics Book Learning by Discovery

  • 395Getting Somewhat More SeriousI don’t know how far you’ll want to delve into electronics, but I do know that I’ve shown you about as much as I can with just a handful of components, some wires, a breadboard, and a few tools. To continue, you’ll need:• Some more tools and supplies• Basic soldering skills• Additional knowledge about: - Integrated circuits - Digital electronics - Microcontrollers - MotorsThe tools are not particularly exotic or expensive, and the soldering skills are easily acquired. Learning to join wires with solder is far easier than mastering high-level crafts such as jewelry making or welding.As for additional areas of knowledge about electronics, they are no more chal-lenging than those that I have covered already.By the end of this section, you should be able to transplant components from a breadboard onto perforated board, where you will solder everything togeth-er, and then mount the board in a little box with switches and warning lights on the front, for everyday use.Shopping List: Experiments 12 Through 15ToolsEach of the following tools is rated Essential, Recommended, or Optional. The Essential tools will take you through this chapter of the book. If you supple-ment them with the Recommended tools, they should be sufficient to get you to the end of the book. The Optional tools will make your work easier, but whether they’re worth the money is for you to decide. Remember that URLs for manufacturers and sources of supply are all listed in the appendix.In thIs chAPter 110,Shopping List: Experiments 12 Through 15 121,Experiment 12: Joining T 121,wo Wires Together 132,Experiment 13: Broil an 132,LED 135,Experiment 14: A 135, Pulsing Glow 143,Experiment 15: Intrusion Alarm Revisit 143,ed