Ohmmeter usage

Chapter 2.2 Ohmmeter usage

Lessons In Electric Circuits Volume VI – Experiments Book
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Lessons In Electric Circuits Volume VI – Experiments Book

  • 2.2. OHMMETER USAGE212.2Ohmmeter usagePARTS AND MATERIALS• Multimeter, digital or analog• Assorted resistors (Radio Shack catalog # 271-312 is a 500-piece assortment)• Rectifying diode (1N4001 or equivalent; Radio Shack catalog # 276-1101)• Cadmium Sulphide photocell (Radio Shack catalog # 276-1657)• Breadboard (Radio Shack catalog # 276-174 or equivalent)• Jumper wires• Paper• Pencil• Glass of water• Table saltThis experiment describes how to measure the electrical resistance of several objects. Youneed not possess allitems listed above in order to effectively learn about resistance. Con-versely, you need not limit your experiments to these items. However, be sure to never mea-sure the resistance of any electrically ”live” object or circuit. In other words, do not attempt tomeasure the resistance of a battery or any other source of substantial voltage using a multi-meter set to the resistance (”ohms”) function. Failing to heed this warning will likely result inmeter damage and even personal injury.CROSS-REFERENCESLessons In Electric Circuits, Volume 1, chapter 1: ”Basic Concepts of Electricity”Lessons In Electric Circuits, Volume 1, chapter 8: ”DC Metering Circuits”LEARNING OBJECTIVES• Determination and comprehension of ”electrical continuity”• Determination and comprehension of ”electrically common points”• How to measure resistance• Characteristics of resistance: existing between two points• Selection of proper meter range• Relative conductivity of various components and materials