Transistor as a switch

Chapter 5.8 Transistor as a switch

Lessons In Electric Circuits Volume VI – Experiments Book
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Lessons In Electric Circuits Volume VI – Experiments Book

  • 230CHAPTER 5. DISCRETE SEMICONDUCTOR CIRCUITS5.8Transistor as a switchPARTS AND MATERIALS• Two 6-volt batteries• One NPN transistor – models 2N2222 or 2N3403 recommended (Radio Shack catalog #276-1617 is a package of fifteen NPN transistors ideal for this and other experiments)• One 100 kΩ resistor• One 560 Ω resistor• One light-emitting diode (Radio Shack catalog # 276-026 or equivalent)Resistor values are not critical for this experiment. Neither is the particular light emittingdiode (LED) selected.CROSS-REFERENCESLessons In Electric Circuits, Volume 3, chapter 4: ”Bipolar Junction Transistors”LEARNING OBJECTIVES• Current amplification of a bipolar junction transistorSCHEMATIC DIAGRAMQ16 V6 V100 kΩ560 ΩILLUSTRATION