Commutating diode

Chapter 5.2 Commutating diode

Lessons In Electric Circuits Volume VI – Experiments Book
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Lessons In Electric Circuits Volume VI – Experiments Book

  • 5.2. COMMUTATING DIODE2035.2Commutating diodePARTS AND MATERIALS• 6 volt battery• Power transformer, 120VAC step-down to 12VAC (Radio Shack catalog # 273-1365, 273-1352, or 273-1511).• One 1N4001 rectifying diode (Radio Shack catalog # 276-1101)• One neon lamp (Radio Shack catalog # 272-1102)• Two toggle switches, SPST (”Single-Pole, Single-Throw”)A power transformer is specified, but any iron-core inductor will suffice, even the home-made inductor or transformer from the AC experiments chapter!The diode need not be an exact model 1N4001. Any of the ”1N400X” series of rectifyingdiodes are suitable for the task, and they are quite easy to obtain.I recommend household light switches for their low cost and durability.CROSS-REFERENCESLessons In Electric Circuits, Volume 1, chapter 16: ”RC and L/R Time Constants”Lessons In Electric Circuits, Volume 3, chapter 3: ”Diodes and Rectifiers”LEARNING OBJECTIVES• Review inductive ”kickback”• Learn how to suppress ”kickback” using a diodeSCHEMATIC DIAGRAMNeonlampInductorSwitchBatteryDiodeSwitch#1#2ILLUSTRATION