How To Deal With Static Discharge, Zaps And Shocks

One type of everyday electricity that is dangerous to both people and electronic gizmos is static electricity. They call it static because it’s a form of current that remains trapped in some insulating body, even after you remove the power source. With conventional AC and DC current, static electricity disappears when you turn off the power source.

The ancient Egyptians discovered static electricity when they rubbed cat fur against the smooth surface of amber. After they rubbed the materials together, they tended to cling to one another by some unseen force. Similarly, two pieces of cat fur that they rubbed against the amber tended to separate from each other when the Egyptians drew those pieces together. Although the Egyptians didn’t understand this mysterious force, they were aware of it. And they had the scratched-up arms to prove it! (Note to Pharaohs: Best not to use live cats for your electricity experiments.)