Guide to Spectrum and Signal Analysis
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Guide to Spectrum and Signal Analysis

  • 6 | Guide to Spectrum and Signal AnalysisViewing the model in Figure 1 from position Y, however, produces an amplitude vs. frequency display showing each component of the signal in the complex waveform. Observation in this frequency domain permits a quantitative measurement of the frequency response, spurious components and distortion of circuit elements (Figure 3).SPECTRUM ANALYZERSA Spectrum Analyzer is a swept tuned analyzer is tuned by electronically sweeping its input over the desired frequency range thus, the frequency components of a signal are sampled sequentially in time (Figure 4). Using a swept tuned system enables periodic and random signals to be displayed but does not allow for transient responses.InputSignalRF InputAttenuatorMixerIF GainIF FilterHorizLog AmpEnvelopeDetectorVideoFilterADCVertDisplayCPUPre-selector, orLow-pass FilterStepSynthesizerReferenceOscillatorFigure 3Figure 4