Guide to Spectrum and Signal Analysis
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Guide to Spectrum and Signal Analysis

  • | 53APPENDIX EIntermodulation Distortion / Intercept PointsCalculating Intercept Points requires knowledge of:1) the order (normally 2nd or 3rd) of the distortion product.2) input drive level in dBm (example: –30 dBm).3) the desired or specified suppression of inter-modulation products below the drive level, expressed in dB.The equation for calculating the intercept point is:where: I = intercept point level in dBm for any intermodulation product order.Δ = suppression of intermodulation products below drive level in dB.N = order of the intermodulation product.S = drive level of the input tones (signals) in dBm.I = (N –1)+ S∆InterceptInput SignalIM Product Levels0102030405060708090100110120130140302520151050–5–10–15–202nd order3rd order051015202530354045505560657020100–10–20–30–40–50–60