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Chapter 6.8 Rectifi ers

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Fundamental Electrical and Electronic Principles Third Edition Book

  • 208Fundamental Electrical and Electronic Principlesrotationdv Fig. 6.7 Consider Fig. 6.7 , which shows the path travelled by the coil sides. The circumference of rotation d metre 0.2 metre. The coil sides travel this distance in one revolution. The rotational speed n 3000/60 50 rev/s. Hence the coil sides have a velocity, v 50 0.2 m/s. Therefore, e 2 80 0.075 0.25 50 0.27 sin (2 ft ) volt and emf is a maximum value when sin (2 ft ) 1 so, V EEmm2800 0750 25500 294 25....Ans Assuming a sinusoidal waveform: EEEEEmavm0 7070 70794 2566 640 6370 6379...... so, V Ans442560 04..so, V EavAns Assuming a 2-pole fi eld system, then f n therefore f 50 Hz Ans (b) TfT115020 sso ms Ans (c) eEftm sin() volt sin ()s294 252502094 250 58783...1oo, V e55 4.Ans 6.8 Rectifi ers A rectifi er is a circuit which converts a.c. to d.c. The essential component of any rectifi er circuit is a diode. This is a semiconductor device, which allows current to fl ow through it in one direction only.