What is Mutual Inductance

Chapter 5.20 Mutual Inductance

Fundamental Electrical and Electronic Principles Third Edition Book
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Fundamental Electrical and Electronic Principles Third Edition Book

  • 180Fundamental Electrical and Electronic PrincipleseMit21ddvolt(5.14) A N 1 600; 45 10 3 m; A 4 10 4 m 2 ; r1 1 N 2 900; r2 1; N 3 900; r3 75 (a) LNAL111111110rhenryso, 272434060040450402.mmH Ans (b) Since LN11. 2 , and LN222. , then LLNNLLNNL2222222232224 02090060011111so, therefore, .9 045.mH Ans (c) Since r3 75 r2 , and there are no other changes, then L 3 75 L 2 therefore, L 3 0.678 H Ans 5.20 Mutual Inductance When a changing current in one circuit induces an emf in another separate circuit, then the two circuits are said to possess mutual inductance. The unit of mutual inductance is the henry, and is defi ned as follows. Two circuits have a mutual inductance of one henry, if the emf induced in one circuit is one volt, when the current in the other is changing at the rate of one ampere per second. The quantity symbol for mutual inductance is M, and expressing the above defi nition as an equation we have Minduced emf in coil rate of change of current in coil 21eit21d/dhenry and transposing this equation for emf e2