Chapter 2 Resist If You Must & Lesson 4 Reading Resistors

Chapter Chapter 2 Resist If You Must

Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius Second Edition 64 Lessons with Projects
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Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius Second Edition 64 Lessons with Projects

  • Resist If You MustSECTION 215RESISTORS ARE ONE OFthe fundamentalcomponents within electronics. They are funnylittle things and come in all different colors. Andjust like a rainbow, they come in all sizes too.To master electronics, you must first master thesecret color code, unlocking the mystery of how totell one resistor from another.But beware! Can you handle the knowledge andpower that lies beyond this task?Lesson 4Reading ResistorsFixed resistors are the most common electroniccomponents. They are so common because theyare so useful. Most often, these are identified usingtheir color code (Table L4-1). If you think thesecret code is hard to remember, just ask any six-year-old to name the colors in the rainbow.The gold bands are always read last. Theyindicate that the resistor’s value is accurate towithin 5 percent.When using the digital multimeter to measureresistance, set the dial to . Notice the two pointsof detail shown in Figure L4-1.The first point is that when the dial is setdirectly to the symbol to measure resistance, it also appears on the readout. Second, notice theM next to the symbol. That means the resistorbeing measured is 0.463 M , which is 0.463First Band: Second Band: Third Band: Color BandValueValueNumber of ZerosUnitsBlack00No zerosTens ##Brown11One zero “0”Hundreds ##0Red22Two zeros “00”Thousands (k) #, #00Orange33Three zeros “000”Ten thousands (k) ##,000Yellow44Four zeros “0,000”Hundred thousands (k) ##0,000Green55Five zeros “00,000”Millions (M) #,#00,000Blue66Six zeros “000,000”Ten millions (M) ##,000,000Violet77Not availableGray88Not availableWhite99Not availableTABLE L4-1Resistor Band Designations