Chapter 1 Components & Lesson 1 Inventory of Parts Used in Part One

Chapter Chapter 1 Components

Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius Second Edition 64 Lessons with Projects
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Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius Second Edition 64 Lessons with Projects

  • ComponentsSECTION 15IN LESSON 1, YOU WILL BE INTRODUCEDto manycommon components that are always present inelectronics and many of the bits and pieces youwill use in the course. It starts out as a jumble. Asyou use the parts, the confused mass becomes anorganized pile.In Lesson 2, you will become acquainted withthe two major tools that you will use throughoutthe course.In Lesson 3, you will build your first circuit onthe solderless breadboard, a platform that allowsyou to build circuits in a temporary format.You use your digital multimeter and get voltagemeasurements when you set up and test your firstcircuits.Lesson 1Inventory of Parts Used in Part OneAll components look the same if you don’t knowwhat they are. It’s like when you first visit adifferent country. There’s a pile of change, just likein Figure L1-1. You have to be introduced to thecurrency and practice using it, but you becomecomfortable with it quickly. Now you need tounjumble the pile and become familiar with yourelectronic components.Do not remove the smallintegrated-circuit (IC) chips shownin Figure L1-2 from their antistatic packaging. Theyare packed in a special antistatic tube or specialsponge material.SemiconductorsThese are the electronic components you will beusing in Part One. As you identify them, set themaside into small groups.Figure L1-1NO TEFigure L1-2