Capacitors in a DC Circuit

Chapter Capacitors in a DC Circuit

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Complete Electronics Self Teaching Guide with Projects

  • CAPACITORS IN A DC CIRCUIT33CAPACITORS IN A DC CIRCUIT34  Capacitors are used extensively in electronics. They are used in both alternating cur-rent (AC) and DC circuits. Their main use in DC electronics is to become charged, hold the charge, and, at a specific time, release the charge.The capacitor shown in Figure 1.15 charges when the switch is closed.10 V+−10 kΩARC= 10μFBFIGURE 1.15QUESTIONTo what final voltage will the capacitor charge? ANSWERIt will charge up to 10 volts. It will charge up to the voltage that would appear across an open circuit located at the same place where the capacitor is located.35  How long does it take to reach this voltage? This is an important question with many practical applications. To find the answer you must know the time constant (τ) (Greek let-ter tau) of the circuit.QUESTIONSA. What is the formula for the time constant of this type of circuit? Book Authorc01V107/04/2012 2:44 PM c01.indd 337/4/2012 2:44:54 PM