APPENDIX E Supplemental Resources

Chapter APPENDIX E Supplemental Resources

Complete Electronics Self Teaching Guide with Projects
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Complete Electronics Self Teaching Guide with Projects

  • Appendix ESupplemental ResourcesThis appendix provides a list of websites, books, magazines, tutorials, and electronics suppliers that should be of interest if you want more knowledge about basic electronics concepts, reference material for circuit design, or the supplies needed to build circuits.WEB SITESFollowing are some websites that may prove useful: ■ Building Gadgets actionURI(—This is an electronics ref-erence site maintained by Earl Boysen (one of the authors of this book). There are lots of handy links to electronics tutorials, discussion forums, suppliers, and inter-esting electronics projects here. This website includes support web pages for each project in the Complete Electronics Self-Teaching Guide, including the following: ■Data sheets for key components. ■Parts lists with links to the appropriate locations in online catalogues for suppliers. ■Color photos showing details of circuit construction and testing. bapp05.indd 5216/14/2012 9:09:00 AM