Introduction to Oscillators

Chapter Introduction to Oscillators

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Complete Electronics Self Teaching Guide with Projects

  • INTRODUCTION TO OSCILLATORS309ANSWERSA. V = 5 volts × 0.70 = 3.5 voltsB. V = 5 volts × 0.24 = 1.2 voltsFigure 7.43 shows the output curve generated by plotting the frequencies calculated in problem 28 and the corresponding output voltages calculated in this problem.%Vout980960990100010101020985995f (kHz)1005101510403.535 V70.75V100FIGURE 7.43INTRODUCTION TO OSCILLATORSIn addition to their use in circuits used to filter input signals, capacitors and inductors are used in circuits called oscillators.Oscillators are circuits that generate waveforms at particular frequencies. Many oscil-lators use a tuned parallel LC circuit to produce a sine wave output. This section is an introduction to the use of parallel capacitors and inductors in oscillators.Book Authorc07V107/04/2012 3:13 PM c07.indd 3097/4/2012 3:14:58 PM