Characteristics / Principals of a Spectrum Analyzer

Chapter 3.Principals of a Spectrum Analyzer

Basis of Spectrum Analyzers Technical Note Guide
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Basis of Spectrum Analyzers Technical Note Guide

  • 5 Slide 9SpectrumAnalyzer-E-E-1Block Diagram of the Super-Heterodyne Method3. Principals of a Spectrum AnalyzerATTIF filter(RBW)MIXLocalOscillatorDetectorVideo filter(VBW)A/DCPUMemoryA/DSweep generatorInput Signal Slide 10SpectrumAnalyzer-E-E-14. Characteristics4.1 Suitable Input Level4.2 Maximum Input Level4.3 Measurement Frequency Range4.4 Sideband Noise4.5 Resolution bandwidth for frequency (RBW)4.6 RBW and Sweep Time4.7 Detection methods4.8 Video filter (VBW)4.9 Dynamic Range(Average Noise Level, Residual response, Distortion)