5000 Series Oscilloscopes

• See more time at a higher resolution with 1 M points Mega Zoom III memory
• See the most elusive signal details with up to 100,000 waveforms per second update rate and high-resolution display
• Have more connectivity options with LXI class C compatibility and standard USB/LAN/GPIB ports
5000 Series Oscilloscopes

Users of general-purpose portable oscilloscopes have, until now, had to work through everyday debug tasks using oscilloscope technology from the 1990s.
Engineers need tools capable of handling today’s design challenges. The new 5000 Series oscilloscopes tackle these needs with:
• Deep memory
• Fast update rates
• A high-resolution XGA display system
• Up to 12 bits of vertical resolution in both repetitive and single shot modes
The 5000 Series is also LXI compatible with USB, LAN, and GPIB ports all standard (as well as XGA out).
See what you’ve been missing with traditional bench scopes. Ask for a DSO5000 Series demo today.